First Post to this Blog!

I hope to visit this site frequently and I hope that others will write in!  I am busy writing my next novel, which is the third in the series.  A Healing Place is the first book, Blessed Are the Merciful is the second, and my third that I am now writing will be The Unsurrendered, A Search for Jacob.  A Healing Place will be featured at the AARP National Convention September 20-21 in New Orleans, LA and at the London Book Fair on April, 2013.  A Healing Place is faith based.  It is about a family who never loses faith in God or their love for each other while facing horrendous circumstances.  They live through the Dustbowl on their farm in Oklahoma and find a new home in Texon, Texas in the booming oil fields.  I actually lived in Texon from ages 1-10 and can attest to the wonderful atmosphere there.  Then their son-in-law, Jed, finds himself caught in the Philippines during WWII and walks the infamous Death March.  He survives only to face the horrible cruelty of his Japanese captors as a POW.  It is a picture of the 1930’s and 1940’s in the United States and how much our ancestors really had to endure.  I hope some of you will visit the website, not only to talk about the book, but to perhaps talk about your book or your blog site.  Thanks for listening!

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