Lived in Texon

I write about a family who moves to an oil camp in Texas, Texon.  It is pictured as an idealist camp, one built by a philanthropist from his memory of a Brazilian camp.  It is all true. I had to research the history of the camp, but I knew the real part of it.  I lived there from ages 1 thru 10, and it was a wonderful place in which to live.  I went to the school there, attended the church, went on Easter Egg hunts in the community park, swam in the Olympic size pool, and ate at the cafe.  My parents ran the grocery store in Texon, so I met everyone, even the hermit who lived across the tracks.  According to the research I did, the man who founded the camp had the local sheriff run off the prostitutes, liquor stores, and gambling saloons which usually followed the camps in the 1920’s thru 1940’s.  I didn’t live there until the 1950’s but it was still a family friendly atmosphere.  I just wanted every reader who picked up “A Healing Place”  to know that the “healing place” that the Millers found was true, as was Boogertown, which was the exact opposite.  Thanks for reading!  Joyce

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