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New Book!

July 15, 2012

I am finally on Chapter eight of “Unsurrendered, A Search for Jacob.”  It is the third in the series of A Healing Place, then Blessed Are the Merciful.  This book has a twist – a spy novel at the center.  It is about the partisan group formed in the Philippines to fight the Japanese behind the lines (think French partisans).  There were over 250,000 guerillas who were men, women, both American and Filipino.  Some escaped the Death March during the 64 mile walk after they saw their fellow POWs being slaughtered by the Japanese, some escaped from Bataan after hearing about the Japanese atrocities committed in the countryside, and some were ordered by MacArthur to go to different islands to fight.  It’s exciting to be part of this.  I haven’t ever seen so much historical nonfiction in my life.  I never even dreamed that they existed before now, and I’ve read a lot about WW2.  I’ve read book after book, and as I write, I find more information.  The Japanese were so cunning.  I never knew that Emperor Hirohito pulled the strings on all of his political and related members.  I always thought that he was more of a figurehead, but every important decision they made had his Imperial Seal on it.  Maybe I will write about his life next – if I have the energy.  Anyway, I hope that someone will participate on my blog or write to me on  Thanks for reading!  Joyce