The Signing at New Orleans AARP Convention

I want to thank everyone who asked for a signed copy of my paperback and/or e-book in New Orleans.  I enjoyed it more than any other signing.  What I really enjoyed the most were the people with whom I talked!  Among those who lined up for the book were Cynthia, Joyce, Glenda, Mary, the woman who asked me to sign “Bob” for her husband, the woman who wanted to give the book to her father who lived during the 30’s & 40’s, MarieAnne from Germany, the woman who said the book would make a great movie, the retired nurse who had lost her husband in Vietnam and wanted to also buy a copy of Blessed Are the Merciful, the woman who said she was very happy that I told her about the fact that I had modeled “Molly” after the memory of my mother who died when I was fourteen, the people with whom I shared the fact that Texon is an actual place (I lived there as young girl), the woman who talked to my husband and me about the horrible drought in Texas, LoWanna who was at the front desk at our hotel, and the many others whose names I have forgotten.  I would also like to thank Nicole from Author Solutions who stood by my table, handed out information about the book, and helped with supplies, organizing, and even taking pictures!  We loved her support and interest.  My husband is the next person I would like to thank because without him there would have been no book.  He also sat by my side and helped with everything from bookmarks to talking with people in line.  I always enjoy everything so much more with him by my side!  I can’t express how much it meant to me to hear feedback from the cover to the synopsis.  My husband and I enjoyed the signing more than any other!  Thank you, everyone, and I wish I could remember every name!   Joyce Shaughnessy

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