About the Book

It follows the Miller family from the Great Depression through the end of World War II, where their son-in-law is forced into the brutal Bataan Death March.

A Healing Place follows the Miller family  from 1935 in the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression thru World War II.The Millers live with little food, rain, and dying crops, fighting an invasion of insects of biblical proportion.They are evicted from their farm and search for a place to raise their family in dignity and with a sense of community.They settle in Texon, Texas, a model family oil camp, and it soon becomes their healing place. Their son-in-law, Jed Wilson, in the Philippines during World War II, is forced to participate in the brutal and deadly Bataan Death March, where he discovers his true healing place is in his heart with his wife, son, and in prayer.

One Comment on “About the Book”

  1. I actually lived in the camp, Texon, Texas when I was a little girl. It was just what I described in the book. It was unbelievably wonderful. There were terrible camps, which were more the norm in the 1930’s, and I described one called Boogertown, where liquor and prostitutes were very available. The families quarters were tents, with mud floors. I hope you check it out!
    Joyce Shaughnessy

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