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#RRBC Spotlight Author Blog Tour, @AuthorJoyceS

July 12, 2018

Thank you, Marlena, for your kind thoughts, for hosting me for the month, and for everything you do for all of the RRBC authors. You are greatly appreciated!

Scribblings of a Southern Belle

Hello, bloggers & happy weekend!!

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming this month’s RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” AUTHOR, Joyce Shaughnessy. We are celebrating her all month long, and we hope you’ll join us in all the fun. Just follow along on the RRBC website!

Get to know the Author…

In the 1950’s, Joyce Shaughnessy, lived in in Texon, Texas, which became the “Healing Place” for the central characters in her first novel, the Millers.  Today, she lives in Midland, TX with her husband of 21 years, Dennis.  Together, they have two daughters and four granddaughters.

Inspired by her husband’s collection of WWII books, Shaughnessy weaves fiction into history with her “The Pearl of the Orient” trilogy where she portrays a cast of characters who struggle and triumph through the common threads of love and spiritual uplift that are woven throughout these stories. In this way, Shaughnessy’s books become a…

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January 27, 2017

Hello and welcome to “WHO’S ON THE SHELF?” with yours truly, Nonnie Jules!  Since we are a book club, you know we had to offer something that included a book shelf.  A lot of interviews merely cove…



January 27, 2017

NJ or Wonder Woman – great review!


November 12, 2012

After publishing my first book, A Healing Place and my second, Blessed Are the Merciful, it has been my honor to speak with many active duty military personnel as well as veterans and their family members. Many have called me and told me that they appreciated my books, especially the veterans of WWII. Sadly, we lose so many of them every day.

I think it is important to thank those family members and veterans of WWII as soon as possible, while we have a chance!

I’ve had sisters and brothers who lost their siblings in the Philippines, many on The Death March, some in the Japanese POW camps who have called me. We lost 9 out every 10 Japanese POWs in WWII because they were beaten, killed, or starved to death. The ones lived through the war often died of debilitating illnesses connected to the untreated tropical diseases or starvation while in captivity.

We cannot let WWII and Korean veterans know too soon how much we appreciate their sacrifices. To the family members, we also owe deep gratitude.

The stories they tell are often heartbreaking but also inspiring. Too many times, we take the freedom we enjoy as American citizens for granted. Our freedom was won at a terrible cost and still is.

Our men and women who are currently serving in the military also protect our freedom every day they serve. The fact that they conduct themselves with dignity and courage while wearing their uniforms is a testament to the heroic American spirit.

Thank you,

Joyce Shaughnessy

A Healing Place Video

October 12, 2012

Hi Everyone! Another video on my book A Healing Place. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

Book Signing at AARP New Orleans!

September 25, 2012







The Signing at New Orleans AARP Convention

September 24, 2012

I want to thank everyone who asked for a signed copy of my paperback and/or e-book in New Orleans.  I enjoyed it more than any other signing.  What I really enjoyed the most were the people with whom I talked!  Among those who lined up for the book were Cynthia, Joyce, Glenda, Mary, the woman who asked me to sign “Bob” for her husband, the woman who wanted to give the book to her father who lived during the 30’s & 40’s, MarieAnne from Germany, the woman who said the book would make a great movie, the retired nurse who had lost her husband in Vietnam and wanted to also buy a copy of Blessed Are the Merciful, the woman who said she was very happy that I told her about the fact that I had modeled “Molly” after the memory of my mother who died when I was fourteen, the people with whom I shared the fact that Texon is an actual place (I lived there as young girl), the woman who talked to my husband and me about the horrible drought in Texas, LoWanna who was at the front desk at our hotel, and the many others whose names I have forgotten.  I would also like to thank Nicole from Author Solutions who stood by my table, handed out information about the book, and helped with supplies, organizing, and even taking pictures!  We loved her support and interest.  My husband is the next person I would like to thank because without him there would have been no book.  He also sat by my side and helped with everything from bookmarks to talking with people in line.  I always enjoy everything so much more with him by my side!  I can’t express how much it meant to me to hear feedback from the cover to the synopsis.  My husband and I enjoyed the signing more than any other!  Thank you, everyone, and I wish I could remember every name!   Joyce Shaughnessy