Radio Interview

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Here is a recording of the radio interview I did in August with Steve Jorgenson.

Joyce Shaughnessy Author Talk Radio Interview

A Healing Place Video

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Hi everyone! A nice video on my book A Healing Place. I hope you enjoy it!


Posted September 12, 2012 by Joyce Shaughnessy
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A Healing Place will be featured at the AARP National Convention in New Orleans, Sat, 9/22/12 at the Modial Convention Center!  Please stop by from 1:30-2:30 where I will be signing a FREE copy of paperback or e-book of the book and say hello!  Joyce Shaughnessy


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I can finally see the finish line on the new novel! It is the last one in my series. The series includes A Healing Place, Blessed Are the Merciful, and The Unsurrendered! The third one is about the partisan group of men and women (260,000) who fought behind the Japanese lines before America comes back. Then they support the American navy and army in coming back. They had coastwatchers on the Philippine Islands to predict where Japanese ships and airplanes were. On Surigao Strait, a coastwatcher relayed to the U.S. that he saw the bulk of the Imperial Japanese Navy headed toward the Mariana Islands.  Our part in it was so successful that they called it the “Great Turkey Shoot.”  My hero is a spy who is in pre-war Tokyo, warning the U.S. about Japan’s intent to wage war, even their secret alliance with Hitler before it was officially announced. Then he marries a Filipina, and they fight together to free the Philippines from the Japanese! It’s full of action and love. Hope you will check it out when it’s finished.

New Book!

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I am finally on Chapter eight of “Unsurrendered, A Search for Jacob.”  It is the third in the series of A Healing Place, then Blessed Are the Merciful.  This book has a twist – a spy novel at the center.  It is about the partisan group formed in the Philippines to fight the Japanese behind the lines (think French partisans).  There were over 250,000 guerillas who were men, women, both American and Filipino.  Some escaped the Death March during the 64 mile walk after they saw their fellow POWs being slaughtered by the Japanese, some escaped from Bataan after hearing about the Japanese atrocities committed in the countryside, and some were ordered by MacArthur to go to different islands to fight.  It’s exciting to be part of this.  I haven’t ever seen so much historical nonfiction in my life.  I never even dreamed that they existed before now, and I’ve read a lot about WW2.  I’ve read book after book, and as I write, I find more information.  The Japanese were so cunning.  I never knew that Emperor Hirohito pulled the strings on all of his political and related members.  I always thought that he was more of a figurehead, but every important decision they made had his Imperial Seal on it.  Maybe I will write about his life next – if I have the energy.  Anyway, I hope that someone will participate on my blog or write to me on  Thanks for reading!  Joyce


Lived in Texon

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I write about a family who moves to an oil camp in Texas, Texon.  It is pictured as an idealist camp, one built by a philanthropist from his memory of a Brazilian camp.  It is all true. I had to research the history of the camp, but I knew the real part of it.  I lived there from ages 1 thru 10, and it was a wonderful place in which to live.  I went to the school there, attended the church, went on Easter Egg hunts in the community park, swam in the Olympic size pool, and ate at the cafe.  My parents ran the grocery store in Texon, so I met everyone, even the hermit who lived across the tracks.  According to the research I did, the man who founded the camp had the local sheriff run off the prostitutes, liquor stores, and gambling saloons which usually followed the camps in the 1920’s thru 1940’s.  I didn’t live there until the 1950’s but it was still a family friendly atmosphere.  I just wanted every reader who picked up “A Healing Place”  to know that the “healing place” that the Millers found was true, as was Boogertown, which was the exact opposite.  Thanks for reading!  Joyce

First Post to this Blog!

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I hope to visit this site frequently and I hope that others will write in!  I am busy writing my next novel, which is the third in the series.  A Healing Place is the first book, Blessed Are the Merciful is the second, and my third that I am now writing will be The Unsurrendered, A Search for Jacob.  A Healing Place will be featured at the AARP National Convention September 20-21 in New Orleans, LA and at the London Book Fair on April, 2013.  A Healing Place is faith based.  It is about a family who never loses faith in God or their love for each other while facing horrendous circumstances.  They live through the Dustbowl on their farm in Oklahoma and find a new home in Texon, Texas in the booming oil fields.  I actually lived in Texon from ages 1-10 and can attest to the wonderful atmosphere there.  Then their son-in-law, Jed, finds himself caught in the Philippines during WWII and walks the infamous Death March.  He survives only to face the horrible cruelty of his Japanese captors as a POW.  It is a picture of the 1930’s and 1940’s in the United States and how much our ancestors really had to endure.  I hope some of you will visit the website, not only to talk about the book, but to perhaps talk about your book or your blog site.  Thanks for listening!